Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Meow Club madness...

Hi everyone... Well, this week turned out to be more eventful than we'd planned. Our mates in Graveyard Johnnys unfortunately had to pull out of the Meow Club show in Newcastle and we were asked to step up to the plate at the last minute. We've always had a great time up there so we were more than happy to answer the call and head on up to put on a show for them.

The day went with a bit of a rough start unfortunately... The van hire guys had double booked us and we spent a good chunk of the day sitting by the phone in a room full of gear waiting for a call to tell us if they'd been able to sort us out with a van or if we'd be having to strap the double bass (and possibly Greg) to the roof of my car.

Luckily they called us up at the last minute saying they might be able to sort something and we raced off to meet them. Some money changed hands and a minibus with all of the seats torn out and a set of seriously fudged insurance papers later and we were screaming up the A1 to the strains of Dead Kings, Dropkick Murphys, The Caravans and Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards. Despite Greg's garlic and tuna wrap stinking the van out it was a pretty good journey...

Thanks to my nerves of steel and my lead-filled right foot we arrived at "The Coffin" with time to spare and quickly loaded our gear into the venue. Most of the Meow Club were already there, hanging about, chatting on and hovering over the home-made pies that had been unexpectedly added to our rider. We got to work, setting up our gear and soundchecking before tucking into the rider along with the lads from Cowboy & the Corpse. A good bunch of lads that we'd never had the chance to gig with before. After soundcheck we spent a good chunk of the night tucking into the beer and exchanging stories about red hot chili sauce, Vic Victor crashing a Belgian girl's bicycle and dirty punk gigs.

Before long the gig really started to kick off and Cowboy & the Corpse took to the stage. They played a good, punky set of dirty psychobilly which wrapped up with a completely improvised version of 'Monster Mash' which was pretty impressive, seeing as they were making the words up as they went along. The wrecking suffered a bit due to it getting pretty rough straight away and broken glass getting scattered all over the dancefloor but they got a good reaction from the crowd and put a hell of a lot of energy into their set...

We headed onstage a little while afterwards and absolutely plowed through a beer and sweat soaked set... We never know what to expect when we play up north and me nearly losing a tooth during 'Stagger Lee' due to a wrecker flying straight over the front monitor was a highlight for me, personally. It would have been one hell of a souvenir for someone.

After the obligatory encore of 'Hey,Gringo' we sank a few beers with the guys and girls from the crowd before having to get back on the road. We must have hit a wormhole somewhere along the way because we somehow managed to make it back to Derby in under two hours. By this time it was time to crash before getting back up to head into Dub Rek and work on some new tunes.

We all managed to get in about four or five hours of sleep before loading up our motors with all of the gear and dragging it up into Dub Rek. Those stairs have never seemed as steep as they did this morning. As soon as we'd mic'd up the drums and amps we perked right up and set about working on the new tracks. Things were falling into place pretty much straight away and it wasn't long before we'd managed to put another new track down to tape. We're getting even more excited about getting this album together with every single demo session. Check out the teaser of the new track below... We're probably going to have another one or two of these to put up over the next couple of months before we start to polish it all up and get into the studio to record the album itself.

Thanks for continuing to follow the blog guys... We've really enjoyed getting such cool feedback about the new tracks and are glad there are so many of you out there so eagerly awaiting the new album. We'll be posting again later in the month when we have more news for you to check out...

See you in the pit!


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