Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Meow Club madness...

Hi everyone... Well, this week turned out to be more eventful than we'd planned. Our mates in Graveyard Johnnys unfortunately had to pull out of the Meow Club show in Newcastle and we were asked to step up to the plate at the last minute. We've always had a great time up there so we were more than happy to answer the call and head on up to put on a show for them.

The day went with a bit of a rough start unfortunately... The van hire guys had double booked us and we spent a good chunk of the day sitting by the phone in a room full of gear waiting for a call to tell us if they'd been able to sort us out with a van or if we'd be having to strap the double bass (and possibly Greg) to the roof of my car.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Getting back to business

Hi everybody. It's been all systems go at Speed Kings HQ today... We're finally getting down to the business of rehearsing and demoing the new tunes.

We headed down to Dub Rek studios in Derby (Tony and Greg arriving a little late and £60 worse off due to an over-zealous tit of a copper on the A52) and proceeded to lug the drum kit, guitar amp, bass, guitar and bags of cables and mics up the masses of steps and into the bigger rehearsal room at the back of the studio. For the first twenty minutes it felt a bit like kids on Christmas day... Tony had his newly purchased Tama Hyperdrive kit and I had just fitted my Marshall 4x12 cab with four Eminence "Cannabis Rex" speakers on friday night. Both sounded huge and are probably the reason that my ears are still ringing like crazy as I write this.