Sunday, 5 June 2011

Getting back to business

Hi everybody. It's been all systems go at Speed Kings HQ today... We're finally getting down to the business of rehearsing and demoing the new tunes.

We headed down to Dub Rek studios in Derby (Tony and Greg arriving a little late and £60 worse off due to an over-zealous tit of a copper on the A52) and proceeded to lug the drum kit, guitar amp, bass, guitar and bags of cables and mics up the masses of steps and into the bigger rehearsal room at the back of the studio. For the first twenty minutes it felt a bit like kids on Christmas day... Tony had his newly purchased Tama Hyperdrive kit and I had just fitted my Marshall 4x12 cab with four Eminence "Cannabis Rex" speakers on friday night. Both sounded huge and are probably the reason that my ears are still ringing like crazy as I write this.

After setting up the gear (including mic'ing up the kit and cabs) and sorting out the levels we made a start on trying out the new song ideas. We were all pretty much up to speed on what sound we were looking for as since we picked up the Zoom R16 "8-track" recorder I've been e-mailing the lads any riff ideas etc that I thought had legs. This meant that even though we had never really tried out the tunes we hit our stride almost from the start.

After only about four or five run-throughs to get the feel of the first tune we were getting the 8-track set up to put it down to tape. We weren't trying for perfection today. We were just wanting to get the tracks recorded so we've got an idea of whether it's going to work live or not and, if it does, I'll start putting down overdubs of vocals and guitar solos etc to flesh it out and see where it goes from there.

After getting the first track down we got onto kind of a roll and ended up working on and laying down three new tracks by the end of the session, all of which kick some serious ass and we're pretty sure will end up on the track list for the album. Judging by the sound of the tracks even at this stage there are going to be some serious "bar rippers" on the new album. We can't wait to get these tracks polished and to get them on the road. We're eager to get back into some sweaty little venues and make some ears bleed.

We'll be back soon to keep you all updated on the new songs and our upcoming gigs. We're going to be adding some videos to our blog soon so we're gonna get busy and down to taping some cool stuff for you all to check out. To keep you going until then we've added a teaser track below from today's demoing session to give you an idea of things to come...

Thanks for continuing to follow the blog and we'll catch you in a couple of weeks!

See you in the pit!


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