Sunday, 17 July 2011

Welcome to Speed Kings HQ

Hi guys... So we've had a pretty busy week. We've been organising a bunch of new gigs which we're really excited about including a bunch of shows with Swiss punkabilly godfathers 'The Peacocks'. It's always an awesome party when those guys come over to the UK and we're thrilled to be supporting them again this year.

On top of getting these new gigs set up we've also moved into our new residential rehearsal room at Dub Rek. We're really psyched up about this as we've been on the waiting list for a good six months and have managed to bag what we think is the best room in the place. Now we can really kick the writing / rehearsal for the new album into high gear.

Early saturday morning we got the keys from Jay and started the arduous task of heaving all of our gear up the steps to the studio as the rain was absolutely thrashing down around us. We finally managed to get all the gear loaded in and set up but by this time it was so hot and we were so utterly shattered that we ran through a few of the new tunes, worked on a riff that Tony and Greg had come up with and headed out. Not the most productive first rehearsal we could have hoped for but sometimes you're all just feeling burned out and hungover and it's just not gonna happen. In fact, most of the time you end up having a crap rehearsal and have either an awesome gig the next night or come up with a great tune out of nowhere at the next rehearsal so fingers crossed...

So now we're moved into the new rehearsal room you can expect to hear a lot more about the new tunes we're working on and to see a few more videos that we're planning on making especially for the blog about our gear set-up and our writing processes etc. We're going to be hitting it really hard from now on and are really excited to get the new tunes polished off and ready to gig and record.

Expect to see all our new shows announced on MySpace (RIP), Facebook, Reverbnation, Wrecking Pit, Psychobilly Online etc in the next week and we look forward to seeing you all out there on the road!

See you in the pit!

Johnny - Speed Kings

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