Sunday, 8 May 2011

"That difficult second album"

Hey guys and girls... It's been a couple of months without a blog now so I figured I'd fill you all in on what we've been up to at Speed Kings HQ.

Following our last run of gigs after coming back from Russia we decided to take a few months off to work on songs for the new album and recharge our batteries a bit. We felt we needed to take a break from playing so constantly to really concentrate on making the new album as awesome as we can.

We're aiming to make the new album a real, stripped-down, kick-ass rock 'n' roll record. The new stuff is still sounding very much like our signature mix of rockabilly, country, punk and speedrock with some really catchy riffs and lots of venom in the lyrics. I've been locked away most nights and weekends for the last few weeks coming up with some tunes that are going to be great both live and on the disc. We've also just picked up a whole load of microphones and a digital multi-track recorder (God bless ready to start demoing tracks in the rehearsal room in preparation for recording in a few months time.

We'll be regularly heading down to Dub Rek in Derby over the coming weeks to rehearse what we've written and jam out new song ideas. Once all the songs are ready we plan to record the album over the course of a week at The Snug in Derby. We've been down to check out their set-up and the guys seem to really be on top of their game. We look forward to working with them and getting a great sound for the new tunes.

We're all really excited about getting the new album out and coming back with a vengeance later in the year. We'll be playing a few select gigs from august onwards, have plans to do a  whole load of dates in small venues all over the country with another hard working young band much like ourselves (more details as soon as we confirm it all) and are looking forward to throwing a big blow-out record release party when the time comes. Coming up to the release we also plan to do a few competitions where we'll be giving away merchandise and copies of the new album so keep your eyes peeled for updates on that!

We'd just like to say thanks for all the kind words from people that we've been getting lately... It's great to know that people out there are eagerly awaiting the new songs and for us to get back out there playing live. Rest assured we'll be back and with a serious bang. It won't be long before we're back to working our collective arses off, gigging all over the length and breadth of the country.

More news coming soon.

See you in the pit!


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